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What we do?

Engineer, clever solutions to solve complex, time consuming and costly challenges, by embracing state-of-the-art technologies

Machine Learning

Machine Learning based on statistical models, has the capability to analyze large amounts of data and recognizes patterns among it. Based on these patterns, we can obtain predictive analytics to drive strategic business decisions. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the key applications of Machine Learning. It simulates, human ability to understand and generate content in natural languages. Our Bots are powered with our very own NLP engines. NLP engines will be in the forefront of communication between humans and machines.


We make fun and Interactive Mobile applications by taking into account the natural behavior of the consumers and latest technologies available. With rich User Interface and experience design, we employ proven methods of motivation to increase engagement and drive customer loyalty. We make gamification a priority to craft long term relationships with our consumers. From consulting to Wire-framing, UI/UX design, Development, Documentation and maintenance, we have practical experience in all stages of the Mobile Application development cycle. 


Virtual Reality is a powerful medium that can deliver immersive, true-to-life, 3D experiences with a sense of real world scales. Without a doubt, the immersive power of VR leaves a long lasting impression on users who engage in it. Honed with expertise in simulating real-time and real world environments, and resource efficient programing, we produce compelling content, which drives customer engagement and loyalty. We see a future based on sharing experiences and VR playing a huge part in it, with exciting experiences.

About our company...

Incorporated in 2013 as Mobile-First Company, Lutendo is a tech startup specializing in A.i. technologies. Bootstrapping from inception, we work with cutting-edge A.i. technologies to produce software that automate, simulate and interact.The roots of the word Lutendo points to faith, confidence and trust. These are the core values, embedded in our company’s culture.
In this digital day and age, we see colossal amounts of data being generated on a daily basis. It is growing at an unprecedented rate, with the invention of new devices and user generated content. Information overloaded, we see more information than we can consume and understand.
Getting the information you need, summarized, accurate, in a timely manner is crucial in these challenging market conditions. In order to tap in to this precious information, we need to employ creative, powerful analytical tools.
We have honed creative talent, building a wide-range of assets and animations for games and applications. We have an array of expertise in Game development, Application development, VR and AR development, Chatbot Development, Natural Language Processing, Real-World and Real-time Simulations, and etc...

We produce scalable solutions to fit your priorities, and provide end-to-end consultations, to obtain optimum results from Tech investments. Our hands on expertise helps us anticipate operational challenges and craft solutions ahead of time. Our solutions has the potential to make businesses more efficient, profitable and sustainable.
Moreover, we implement these technologies using business friendly methods to minimize interruptions. Our guarantee, is the efficient utilization of resources, and the delivery of projects in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.
Passionate about technologies, we constantly learn new skills, trends, best practices and adopt new technologies of tomorrow. We thrive on developing innovative and disruptive solutions that foster connections. We believe these technologies will shape our future and benefit people in years to come.

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